About Us

Our Mission

Impact 100 Seattle harnesses the collective power of diverse women to support and amplify the work of local community-based organizations, through high impact grantmaking and relationship building.

We Believe In:  

Trust-Based Grantmaking - The organizations we partner with know best how to use our funds; we support their efforts.

Supporting Transformative Change - Lasting change requires communities to address the root causes of systemic inequities.

Amplifying Voices - We spotlight achievements of small, community-based organizations through grants and long term relationships.

Long-Term Relationships - It takes time to make an impact, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Diversity - We actively engage the perspective of a wide variety of lived experiences, so we all learn and evolve.

Equity - Each member has a single vote, regardless of her level of contribution.

And that when joined together, women can move mountains - We are more than the dollars we give.